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of frost. for the san francisco bay shoreline. the freeze warning is impacting our north bay valleys and east bay interior valleys. judging from the numbers you can see why. we are below freezing already in napa. freezing in fairfield as well. 38 degrees in santa rosa. '40's for san francisco in daly city. this is not your morning low temperatures. temperatures are content to draw closer to sunrise. black ice forming is a possibility. winter weather advisories are in effect from 2:00 a.m. this morning until 8. the national weather service predicting a chilly day for tomorrow. both the freeze warning and frost advisory will be back heading into tomorrow. >> as we take a look at your afternoon highs we would not warm up by much. upper '40's low 50s that is the story here in the bay area. 49 in a city. 50 in san mateo upper '40's for pleasanton and livermore. and 51 in concord. >> satellite and radar shows cold air still coming in from the earlier cold front. we're not dealing with any rain for today a slight chance into tomorrow. beating your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast demons
the board of regents meeting in san francisco and will talk about the priorities he wants to see in the system. "los angeles times" reports brine will push no more teaching and less research and wants more online courses to save money and increase class offerings. in the budget proposal, he increased money for both uc and cal state university by $250 million each, less than asked for but enough to avert tuition hikes in the fall. if they want more funding in the future, he said they will need to do as he says. >> president obama in five hours will unveil a plan to deal with gun violence. a peninsula congresswoman took part in vice president biden's task force saying that the president will ask for renewal of i salt weapons ban, a ban on high capacity magazine clips and mandatory background checks for anyone who buys weapons from gun shows or private sellers. >> do we want an environment where we hear in this country, not so much in california, but in the country, where 40 percent of the guns that are purchased do not have criminal background checks in. >> the focus should be on t
in san francisco, first thing they think about is, let's go >> moving into the welcoming introduce nancy ward, theç fema regional administrator for region nine. [applause] çç>> good morning. welcome. it is fabulous to have such a great size of the crowd on this very important topic of recovery. we have talked a lot of with the years -- over the years about the response. we got throughç the framework transition. i understand it was painful for everyone. now we need to focus on recovery. ççthere is no better place tok about that than the building we're sitting in today. poetic and ironic that we areç in san francisco city hall. the original building was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fires. two decades ago, it was completely rebuilt because of the loma prieçto earthquake. our fingers are crossed that there will not be any earthshaking today. our deputy administrator will talk about the shape specifically. i wanted to take a moment to thank our host, edwin lee, the mayor of san francisco. he has championed an equal focus on response and recovery. today he is our host i
is donating proceeds from the show to stow and his family. >>> san francisco's district attorney has announced 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the accusations against crabtree stemmed from an encounter with a woman at a hotel nearly two weeks ago after the team's win over green bay. the d. a. determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute. the 49ers issued a statement saying michael and the team can now move this behind us and move forward. >>> berkeley police warn against a coach that plays on people's good nature and they steal their cell phones. here's how it works. someone comes up to you and asks you to use your cell phone because a family member is sick. once you hand it over they take off either on foot or in the car. >>> japan's airways has cancelled all flights between san jose and tokyo through mid-february because of the ongoing problems with boeing's 787 dreamliner. the first flight was captured on video earlier this month. regulate doors between japan and the u.s. grounded the new jumbo jets after a series of problems, including fi
and oakland. 52 in san francisco. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows really cold mornings ahead of us. we will be clear no wet weather in the forecast. temperatures will be a bit warmer as we transition into the weekend. we are talking 60s here around the bay area. >> and good looking forecast for the next string of days. as returning to the traffic center not monitoring any hot spots. here's a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. a handful of cars making the trip into san francisco. >> an hour to send whatever is no problems accidents. the drive time is 12 minutes from into end. >> south bound 10 on the golden gate bridge is looking good for those of you coming out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica we will begin our newscast out of the east bay where five people are recovering after being shot in oakland. the incident happened shortly before 8:00 last night. >> we're told all five victims are stable condition. >> police said the suspect left the scene and a car still on the loose this morning. >> of marin county man is in custody after police s
>> reporter: crews on the scene of a crash in san francisco trying to get power back on in this neighborhood. we'll tell you what led up to the crash and the big step pg&e just took to get the lights on. >>> a marijuana club damaged by an overnight fire. why investigators are suspicious about how it started. >> reporter: we're live in petaluma where the community is coming together to help try to find a missing teen. we'll also tell you the latest clues in the investigation. >>> new unemployment numbers just came out this morning. did the threat of falling off the fiscal cliff put employers -- have employers not to start hiring? >>> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, january 4th. >>> right now, pg&e is still working to restore power to dozens of customers in san francisco. they lost power after a driver fleeing from police crashed into a power pole in a caltrain parking lot. ktvu's claudine wong has been at the scene since 4:30 this morning and has more. they are making some progress? >> reporter: yes, tori. since we last economicked in w
. poetic and ironic that we areç in san francisco city hall. the original building was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fires. two decades ago, it was completely rebuilt because of the loma prieçto earthquake. our fingers are crossed that there will not be any earthshaking today. our deputy administrator will talk about the shape specifically. i wanted to take a moment to thank our host, edwin lee, the mayor of san francisco. he has championed an equal focus on response and recovery. today he is our host in this majestic civil service building, probably the most majestic civil service building in the country. fema can take credit where credit is due. over the last several years we have been expanding especially in catastrophic planning with our partners from the greater bay area in catastrophic earthquake response plans we developed in 2008 and 2009 -- excuseç me, 2010. i wanted to set the stage about what we're here today to keep in the back of our minds. the type of event we're talking about could literally provide çdamages inñr theç scope ofç e kinds of implicati
flannery's band is donating proceeds from the show to stow and his family. >>> san francisco's district attorney has announced 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the accusations against crabtree stemmed from an encounter with a woman at a hotel nearly two weeks ago after the team's win over green bay. the d. a. determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute. the 49ers issued a statement saying michael and the team can now put this behind us and move forward. >>> coming up next, taking revenge on so-called revenge porn websites. the lawsuit against the x-rated site that puts up photos of women without their permission and why those lawsuits face an uphill battle. but meet the fan who has been to every >> legal experts say a lawsuit filed by women against a website showing explicit pictures of them is doomed to fail. the website is with triple xs. it is hosted by go and it's known as a revenge website where men post nude pictures of their exs. congress passed a law years ago saying the only people liable for online content a
bowl. paul chambers joins us live from san francisco with a message that's going out to city bars. >> reporter: good morning. i will say before we get to that there is a plan a lot of people want to do, come out here like they did during the giant's world series. that can't happen because the nfl won't allow a public viewing party. now that will not stop a lot of niner fans celebrating of course. this was a scene last week when fans took to the streets in an effort of keeping the city and people safe. the mayor is asking that places serving hard alcohol be more responsible. >> to suggest that they serve something that heavy alcohol during the time the celebration, being drunk sometimes doesn't help. >> reporter: the next week the mayor and police chief will visit areas hit by vandals after the giants won and discuss the plan for safety on super bowl sunday which includes up to 500 officers on the streets, three times the amount of a normal sunday. fire marshalls will also hit the streets. >> if it look like its getting out of hand or they have had to much of a crowd in the bar w
in instruction tomorrow, and giants coach's band is donating proceeds to the family. >> san francisco's district attorney has announced 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the accusation stems from an encounter with a woman at a hotel two weeks after the playoff win over green bay. the d.a. determined this was not enough evidence to prosecute crabtree. the super bowl bound 49ers say we can now put this behind us and move forward. >> japan's airways canceled all flights between shows and tokyo because of the problems with the boeing 787 dreamliner. we captured the arrival of the ana first nonstop between tokyo and silicon valley. regulators in japan and the united states grounded the new jumbo jets after a series of problems including fires caused by the jet's battery. boeing says the bobo -- boeing 787 dreamliner is safe but being checked out by authorities worldwide. >> taking revenge on so-called revenge porn website. the lawsuit against x-rated sites that put foe those of women without their permission and why they face an uphill battle. >> 49ers fever c
.99 >> reporter: a san francisco woman doused in gasoline and set on fire over the weekend. an update on her condition and the latest on the search for her accused attacker. >>> a violent attack in the south bay overnight. what witnesses are saying and what we found at the crime scene. >> reporter: we're live at candlestick park where 49ers' fans are getting ready for the big game this weekend. we'll tell you why tickets may be hard to come by. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, january 7th. >>> breaking news in the east bay. we're learning what caused -- what looked like a lot of smoke in the berkeley area, turns out it was just a steampipe that burst at a factory. let's go to sal. >> we got a lot of calls in the newsroom. we turned the camera to it. we can show you this picture now. it's just a bunch of team coming from a factory. we have different parts of the steam coming from a broken steampipe or it may be normal operations. but people saw this and said there is a fire in berkeley. well, we called the berkeley fire dep
of restaurants near san francisco. >> the city won't name the restaurants under investigation. city attorney says he wants to give them amnesty if they come clean and pay what they owe. but the head of the golden gate restaurant association says he's relying on reports filled out from restaurants themselves. >> i would say about 90% of the people i've talked to misreported the form. they just didn't know how to complete it. they didn't include costs associated with business that they should have included and i think there is going to be people who can show it's just reporting error. >> we have the reports, well werk have the comp pillation of the reports. this is all 177 of the restaurants. there are big discrepancies on this list. one company charged half a million dollars. and there is no explanation of what happened here to remaining money. sit in a bank account? somewhere employees will be able to get to it? there is a lot we don't know. we'll know more once the city attorney completes his investigation. >> more questions than answers. thank you. a year long battle over the fate of a north ba
in an assault rifle would earn you up to $200. in recent months, san francisco, oakland and some other bay area cities have held gun buyback programs, with overwhelming response. >>> the san francisco giants fan who suffered brain damage after a beating attack is back in the hospital. bryan stow's family says he is now getting treatment for a large blood clot. his family says his doctors are amazed he survived that clot, given its size. stow was beaten and severely injured after a game outside of dodgers stadium nearly two years ago. >>> today, the airline that has the largest fleet of boeing dream liners canceled 700 more flights. and that has shut down a nonstop route connecting the south bay to japan. 787 dreamliners have been grounded around the world since potential safety problems cropped up earlier this month. and today, al nippon airways canceled 380 flights through mid-february, including flights from san jose to tokyo. >>> san francisco restaurants are not following the city's healthcare law, and the list is long. they are charging customers e
typical winter weather. a ktvu photographer found a lot of people on market street in san francisco had heard the forecast, ander prepared for the rain. others though, had to improvise. this was the first significant rain in almost two weeks. slick roads apparently played a role in other accidents around the bay area today. one driver had to be taken to the hospital, but the other driver walked away. the highway patrol said it responded to 33 incidents just between noon and 3:00 p.m. today. >>> as frank points out, the roadways kind of a mess. this light rain falling on the afternoon commute, or the bulk of it. you see showers still occurring out there right now. coming in close, you can see the showers mainly up in the north bay. we go into san francisco, you got light scattered showers right now. on market street. scattered showers in san mateo. east 3rd avenue. just light, nothing big. then you head towards san jose, and you've got sprinkles down there as well. you think it was a lot. the north bay did see significant rainfall to the tune of about .3, or .4 of an inch up here. that's
months to complete. >>> all right, we are now just 24 hours away from kick off between the san francisco 49ers and the green bay packers. and ktvu's david stevenson is at candle stick park tonight. david is everything all set at the stadium or is there still a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: the work is continuing on as the 49ers prepare for tomorrow. maintenance crews this afternoon put the finishing touches on the candle stick park field as they prepare for sunday's game. >> it's winner takes all. it's all on the line. >> reporter: it's preparing for the 60,000 excited green bay and 49ers fans expected to pack the park and the parking lots before and after the game. >> we ask people to come a little earlier especially out of the tailgate party. so we'll be shutting those downright before kick off to make sure everybody gets into their seats. >> the staffing will be an equivalent pump up to any monday night football game. >> reporter: that means there will be extra uniformed and plain clothed officers looking for scoupers and team rivals. >> anyone that's threatening or eliminating
is phil ginsburg and the general manager of the san francisco parks and rec department and i want to welcome everybody to the 83rd annual holiday tree lighting. happy holidays to you all. this is san francisco's official holiday tree right behind us, uncle john's tree and over 100 years old, and tonight it sports over 550 christmas holiday lights. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> yay! >> i have been a cable car grip for 21 years. i am a third generation. my grand farther and my dad worked over in green division for 27. i guess you could say it's blood. >> come on in. have a seat. hold on. i like it because i am standing up. i am outside without a roof over my head and i see all kinds of people. >> you catch up to people you know from the past. you know. went to school with. people that you work with at other jobs. military or something. kind of weird. it's a small word, you be. like i said, what do people do when they come to san francisco? they ride a cable car. >> california line starts in the financial district. people are coming down knobbhill. the cable car picks people up
this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. the embarcardero, san francisco, ferry building, gorgeous shot. no action for you expected here in san francisco. mike nicco is checking out would might be seeing some showers in the next few hours and maybe a little snow. he will check out live doppler 7 hd for you coming up. >> the accreditation of city college in san francisco is on the line. officials need more time for a report. drastic changes are needed to keep their accreditation or the school loses federal funding and may have to close. a trustee says they may not have enough time to comply with 14 recommendations by the march 15 deadline. the school is seeking to extend the deadline to offer the report. >> the kings may move to seattle in a $500 million deal. yahoo is reporting they would sell to san francisco-based investor and someone from microsoft. seattle lost the sonics when they moved to oklahoma city and johnson used to play in the nba the. >> the cheapest seats to the niner game going down in price surprisingly starting at $169 down $30 a ticket since monday. the most expensive
county into san francisco. >> the alameda county coroner has identified a man was run over and killed on 880 in oakland over the weekend. chp says 44 year- old david mayorga crossed his craft his honda civic into the center divider near high street last night and then attempted to run across four lanes of traffic. he was struck by two cars and killed. the crash brought crafted for several hours at the initial crash remains under investigation. >> the man accused of murdering seven people at tokyo's university will be back in court today for a mental competency hearing. one goh hasn't charged with murder and also faces attempted murder charges. this is video of his court hearing in april. he is accused of light on a shooting rampage at tokyo's university in april of last year. administrators say he was upset about the tool is in dispute allegedly confessed to being a shooter. >> a san jose family is lucky to be alive this morning after theirire. the fire happened on the 2500 block of list drive around 630 last night. of the resale a cadet was inside the home of the time was able to esc
san francisco and los angeles by the year 2029. >>> something to think about as you head out the door. a new report talking about how traffic monitoring systems are failing here in the bay area. reports show that in december only 49% of the bay area traffic sensors worked. only 61% of those electronic message boards were working. the ktvu first told you about these traffic monitoring problems during a special report we did last august. back then the transportation committee called for an investigation. researchers say investing in reliable tools could help traffic jams by about 5%. >> three years after a devastating quake haiti is still in dire straits. they need medicine, food and clean water. in addition hurricane sandy wiped out 50% of the crops. a rally will be held at 4:30 this afternoon outside the oakland red cross on broadway. activists say the red cross got hundreds of millions of dollars in donations but they say little of that money went to help survivors. they say it's in the middle of a four year plan to help. >>> california could have a mega quake that's felt all long
two men are charged with the murders. >>> a rape suspect is under arrest in san francisco after allegedly assaulting a woman in her apartment. police say 25-year-old jovann jones of marin city barged into the apartment on telegraph hill as the 26-year-old victim was arriving home on saturday night. jones allegedly demanded money and forced her on to the floor. police later arrested him in a backyard on gre street. >>> gun control will take center stage tomorrow on capitol hill when the vice president joe biden will give his recommendations on the matter to president obama. susan mcginnis shows us how both sides of the debate are reacting. >> reporter: gun shows like this one in daly city, california are packed with recor crowds a month after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> it looks likes it has created demand. >> reporter: there is a dramatic increase in gun sales as lawmakers consider a federal ban on assault weapons. >> we believe that gun violence is a public health crisis! >> reporter: hundreds ra
carriers adding more oversea flights. >>> passengers who fly to san francisco are experiencing longer delays than normal this weekend. crews are working on some of the runways, which means it will be closed until 8:00 monday morning. that's expected to mostly affect west coast flights. check them before you head to the airport. >>> police in san francisco are beefing up security in and around candlestick park for this evenings nfl playoff game between the 49ers and green bay packers. ground crews put on the finishing touches yesterday. looking good. tonight more than 70,000 fans will fill their seats. in addition to the uniformed officers, police will have some officers in regular street attire and some wearing jerseys from either team. they'll be on the lookout for unruly behavior before and during the game and drunk drivers afterwards. the goal to make sure that everyone has a good time. >>> now, there are questions in the 49ers future home of santa clara and about whether or not a super bowl there could make money for the city. local officials a >>> don't get too rowdy during the super bowl, san francisco police will be out watching for big parties and crowds that are spilling onto the streets, after sunday's game against atlanta, a dozen people were arrested in the mission district, one for assault with a deadly weapon, others for dui and public intoxication. there were no reports of vandalism like what happened after the giants won the world series, so behave out there. >>> the search is on for two more suspects in the shooting of an undercover police officer in oakland last night. investigators say the undercover detective was hit in the arm, just before 6:30 last night as he sat in a car near seminary and bromley avenues. one suspect was arrested, the officer is expected to recover. >>> a heated debate is expected at the meeting of the oakland city council, the big issue, whether to pay a quarter million dollars to hire an anticrime consultant, william bratton, who let police departments in new york, boston and los angeles. he has strong supporters and critics. baton has a history --
he would play for the green bay packers or san francisco 49ers. >> if he finally got one scholarship offer for football so he took that and that was for nevada. >> (cheers and applause) is set a goal for himself. he had been able to stay focused on that goal and a matter what people say he is going to go after bowl. when people say if you can't watch and say i can't. >> he can, and he did. he was drafted as a second string quarterback to the san francisco 49ers and in 2012 got his chance to shine in the playoffs where he made nfl history. >> he ran with it. he has quick feet. his ability is on parallel. >> we will continue to talk about the 49ers. and our boss.the harbaughs . be sure to stay with kron 4 as we follow the niners to the superbowl in new orleans. we at we will have cost an update on our website as was our face book and twitter feeds. we also have a little inauguration talk about leon eebeyonce.. we will t. but att hillsilre frem, cm,kin. right ghon the tot aot the teatn roted teicesic rm rrmsed serkeyrk turns rnmeremeandwanh inh methmegg ...wait air itr .mes.m
with some fog. 37 in livermore. 48 degrees in san francisco. and 44 in san jose. this afternoon, well, we're going to try and watch these temperatures cool off again. yesterday we had some 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, these temperatures really going to start to dive. this is the beginning. much cooler air. we are going to see these numbers down a good 3 to 8 degrees by this afternoon and then tomorrow, there is a chance we could see some snow down to about 1500 feet in some of the north bay valleys and temperatures struggling to get out of the 40s. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> we are going out to south san jose where we have been following an overturn accident. we are not sure about the extent of the injuries. it's an overturn accident. the car is in a ditch on the right-hand shoulder southbound 101 approaching blossom hill road. at this point, our sensors are not picking up any major delays. actually in both directions. overnight we only had one northbound lane open across the golden gate bridge. it looks
bay packers are taking on the san francisco 49ers. boomer: colin kaepernick rolls to the left. ill advised throw. sam shields 52-yard interception return. but what is so amazing about the quarterbacks, they forget. why did jim harbaugh go to colin kaepernick over alex smith? 20 yards, he goes in and ties it up at 7-7. this just happened. how about dejuan harris touchdown run right up the middle. coach said in pregame, dejuan harris will be the x-factor. extra point pending right now for green bay. there you go. james: that will be one to be watched as well. boomer: not many people have talked about russell wilson. that means to tell me we appreciate what he has done. i think he will have a good game tomorrow. why? who is the panthers quarterback, cam newton? he had a lot of success against atlanta this year. james: we talked last week about how many plays that baltimore defense played. let's go to their locker room. >> we had them right where we wanted them. right where we wanted them. this is from the owner. he texted during the game. he has n
. >>> san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire has pleaded not guilty. 22-year-old dexter oliver faces 11 felony charges including attempted murder, torture and mayhem. according to the prosecutors, oliver got in a fight with his girlfriend over which laundromat to use. >>> in solano counted the trucker killed necessary fiery crash in vallejo is identified as william ballard of roseville. the chp says his ace hardware truck hit a pickup and flew off an overpass above highway 37 yesterday morning. witnesses pulled ballard out of the truck. but he later died. the other driver was not seriously hurt. >>> that bar pilot in charge of that oil tanker that bumped one of the bay bridge towers this week was sober at the time. an attorney for captain guy kleess says all drug and alcohol tests have come back negative. kleess is an experienced navigator who has had a few minor scrapes over the years. the cause of monday's bump still under investigation. >>> 5:09. let's check the traffic. >> giann? >> we have construction in the south b
of flu season. the diocese of oakland and san francisco say priest have the option of not giving commune i don't know to stop the spread of the flu. >> at the beginning of mass he said it was okay if we decided abstain from taking the wine at mass. it wasn't a sin. wasn't anything to worry about. >>reporter: cdc say 47 states are experiencing wide spread flu activity. but california is one of the least active states. still the level of awareness is on the rise here. >> for my job and so i was hand sanitizing all day long. >>reporter: fremont people rushed to get flu shots at washington hospital where clinic held today and tomorrow to meet demand. >> in fact i was just at walgreen's other day and big lane for that because the news just lick you guys doing right now scared everybody into getting it. >>reporter: shortage of flu shot spotty around the bay are area. wall gleans milpitas is temporarily out of the flu vaccine while it waits for new order. >> impact hasn't been human here in oakland yet. >>reporter: oakland school officials say only monterra middle school show signs of w
the air alert for tomorrow. >> all right >> you. >> san francisco double school students getting a lesson in on line safety. all 55,000 students will be taught the basic of digital citizenship they tackle cyberbullying brave situation concerns and what to trust on line. >> come up next. new warning about gift cards. they are convenient to use obviously but so easy for someone to the abuse. some advice from 7 on your side michael on how not to get ripped off. >> san francisco nudist takes their case to federal court for the right to bare all. >> very excited very excited. >> he should be. up next wish of 49ers ticket give away. >> then later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight on the show jennifer lopez. bob and my dramatic sit down with mark wahlberg who confesses that he is from boston. i knew were you from boston. >> i'm sorry jimmy. >> it's fine. >> i apologize. >> jimmy kimmel live starts right after >> if you are thinking about buying a gift card watch out. we have warning about thieves stealing money right off the cards. santa cruz county sheriff's department says gift card fra
and severances gin san francisco. we right back. >> good morning and thank you for waking up the kron4 morning news. we have a freeze warning in effect for the east bay valley and a frost advisory for the rest of the san francisco bay. looking at the cold is not currently 26 in fairfield and upper 20s and vallejo and napa up. we are still below freezing in walnut creek at the freezing point and livermore. it is pretty clear we do not have issues with visibility. the afternoon will provide send some sosome sunshine. i do not think we will see any rain. afternoon rains another unseasonablif the expected in cupertino and sunshine and more clouds will develop compared to yesterday for the east bay. livermore and pleasanton are sticky of the 40's, 52 for castro valley 51 first san leandro. 51 for san francisco at 52 degrees in berkeley. the 49ers forecast for the playoff game against green bay packers tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. is kick off and temperatures are expected to be in the mid-40s. very cold out there and light winds and the forecast. partly cloudy conditions and the potential for some rain is st
>> they're focusing big-time on the san francisco 49ers. we'll hear from colin kaepernick, and get garies perspective on western it for breakfast. >>gary's perspective on yesterday's important >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. starts now. >> student at antioch elementary are in a crash course in stranger danger after a man tries to lure a boy into his car. >> present biden is on the road today to promote gun- control. >> we are watching the bay area weather as we head into friday morning into the weekend with clouds to start the day we will get more on the forecast vs. george with traffic. >> better news for the hot spots we have been tracking in san leandro the east bay. the north bound 880 accident that locked into that tantalates have been cleared. that is the distinct getting back to normal. the west bound by coming in on interstate 580 on the northbound2138 is still sluggish. there's a report that there is an accident here. >> because it is friday in his early we do not see a big back up that the allies might.
the door in san francisco you definitely noticed the colder weather and our inland spots and some of our valleys. we freeze awarding and frost advisory this morning. there is fraud so grab your scrapers.i will talk about where the temperature is are expected to go and just a bit. >> here is a live look for in the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights are off, it is nice and smooth. west 80 along the east shore is doing fine as you work your way out of berkeley into the maze headed up to the bay bridge toll plaza. the earlier problem 80 east on at down on the rest inside is your cleared and out of the way. we are just getting word of capital quarter delays train 20 is about 20 minutes behind. >> a 17 year old boy this shot and killed on the 300 block of drake ave and marooned city. this sausalito on the right and highway 1 01 marin city. mike pelton is live at the scene this morning. is this up apartment complex? >> it's a public housing complex and you could see evidence markers on the ground. authorities are trying to determine how this all played out. there are no suspects in this case. th
degrees in santa rosa with fog. 32 concord. 42degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, some sunshine and a few clouds, still 66 in morgan hills, 64 san jose. east bay in the 50s and low 60s, inside the bay the temperatures into the 60s but we could see rain as early as tomorrow, michelle. back to you. >> thanks so much. >>> the festivities are over, now the white house is preparing -- or the house is preparing to vote on an increase in the nation's debt limit. the president has been pushing for the move which would prevent a first ever government default. cbs reporter susan mcginnis tells us how the deal was reached. >> reporter: they had their dance and taken a moment to savor the scene. now it's time to get back to work. in his inaugural speech, the president called on both parties not to let politics get in the way of governing. >> we must act knowing our work will be imperfect, we must act knowing that today's victories will be only partial. >> reporter: republicans are offering a compromise on the debt ceiling, house g.o.p. members are back
in southeast a and san shows is 37 and treemont is 39 and everyone else is low do mid-40's and san francisco is 44 and half moon bay at 46. mid-30's around santa cruz and close to frost there and monterey is down to 46. this afternoon we will be sunny. showers stay over the ocean. cool today. brick -- brisk at times. another freeze tonight and more widespread. the total extended forecast is dry with a slow warming trend. the cold air is coming at us from the north with a small disturbance right here, and that will keep the jet stream over the ocean and we are locked in with a cold and heavy air. with the jet stream in the arctic circle the air is the most dry so we do not have rain in the forecast. we have winds kicking up a wave so not only that but the high tide today could cause minor flooding along the beaches and bay shoreline and the high tide hits at 10:26. at the game temperatures are near 50 but dropping in the middle 40's by the time the get is over. the accweather seven-day outlook shows we will be around 50 to 52 degrees today and tomorrow and sunday and you can see we will hit t
in san francisco last week. the 25-year-old star lamar remains in critical condition with burns to her face and upper body. her family tells the chronicle oliver burned her during a fight because she wanted him to help her carry clothes to the laundromat. prosecutors say oliver was on prosecuti probation. >>> investigators are now trying to determine what caused a adly big rig crash that shut down a busy highway in vallejo at the height of the commute this morning. the big rig burst into flames. you see the video here after plunging from it an on-ramp that connects highway 39 to westbound 37. it happened around 6:45 a.m. today. a few people who saw the accident pulled the driver from the flames but ultimately his injuries proved fatal. he's identified as 43-year-old william ballard of roseville. the highway patrol says the big rig and pickup truck were involved in a collision sending the truck over the guardrail and sparking a grass fire next to highway 29. crews spent much of the day cleaning up and watching for hot spots. >> the truck that crashed into the ground below was an ace har
in front of a hayward shopping center back in 1988. >>> san francisco police want you to take a good look at this guy. they believe he may have killed the woman seen walking with him in this surveillance video. 46-year-old elia cruz is the victim. this was the last time she was seen alive. she was found dead in her tenderloin apartment a short time later. investigators have been searching for her killer since october. >>> president obama will probably spell out some of his ideas to reduce gun violence by next week. we're hearing he'll use his state of the union address next month to push his plan. reporter major garrett has learned some of what the president is planning to propose. >> reporter: the president wants congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. vice president biden has devoted this week to hearing from all sides, including the nra, tomorrow. >> we're here today to do -- urgent action, and the president and i are determined to take action. >> reporter: he met today with victims of gun violence and gun- control
the bay, of marin county man is in custody after police say he forced his way into a san francisco a woman s apartment and assault her. >> officers arrested 25 year 0 jovan jones saturday after they were called to the womans telegraph hill apartment by a neighbor. >> jones tried to escape by jumping off a balcony. he was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of rape, burglary, robbery and other charges. >> to santa rosa brothers are in custody after fire an assault rifle at a home when there were thrown out of a party. >> the shooting was reported shortly before two yesterday morning on lutztown court. >> police say it tan jeep drove into the area of firing at the house and then collided with a parked car. >> witnesses told police that the two were involved in a fight after the party and as a lead only to return to minutes later with an assault rifle. >> police later located the vehicle and traced it to the apple valley light a parking complex and arrested alexis rueda and his brother eduardo rueda . >> the assault rifle was later found in a nearby shed. >> new informations is surfaci
off against the san francisco 49ers. last night the ravens overcame a strong start by the new england patriots to win the afc championship, 28-13. earlier in the day the 49ers e-ed oute e-got a win over the atlanta falcons. we'll have much more including highlights. it's all straight ahead in sports. >>> okay, now here is your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." a nevada state lawmaker stephen brooks was arrested on a charge of threatening the nevada speaker because he was unhappy with his committee assignments. >>> and a big thank you to alex witt weekends, here are energy facts. during the afternoon of inauguration day 1985, ronald reagan participated in a coin toss for super bowl xix between san francisco and miami. the president made the call live via satellite from the white house. james buchanan's inauguration in 1857 was delayed for 20 minutes because someone forgot to pick up the departing president. and 1889, a cake in the shape of the capitol building that was six feet high and weighing 800 pounds for benjamin harrison's cake. the commander in chief's
for san francisco. find out which one night will likely be the coldest of the year. that's coming up. the ones who inspire us the ones who make us laugh, the ones with the strong shoulder to lean on the ones we're named after, and the ones named after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life everything we do is to help you keep good going. before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the vessel >>> we learned that way, went out to the tanker pilot right before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the u.s. coastguard said vessel traffic service warned the pilot moments before his tanker grazed a brim tower. right now the overseas reymar is anchored off treasure island. that's where it's been since yesterday morning's crash. turns out the man at the helm is no stranger to maritime mishaps. captain guy kleess was involved in three previous minor scrapes. in august of '09 his ship was briefly grounded in the sacramento river. two days later he damaged a dock at the port of stockton. in may of 2010 captain kleess was supervising a trainee on a tugb
of clover dale and northeast of fort ross area of steadier heavier rain. from san francisco across the bay to alamo and liz. wet spots around the bay area but at the moment not any reports of any widespread heavy downpours. temperature readings at the moment mainly in the low 50s around the bay and a few locations inland have current temperatures in the up 40s. rain will continue overnight. may be spotty off and on but it will continue. wet again tomorrow morning for the morning commute. showers linger into the morning hours. a cooler pattern coming up this weekend. satellite and radar composite image shows the frontal system moving slowly through the bay area producing this wet weather that will be with us overnight and at least into tomorrow morning. start off the forecast animation at 11:00. notice the slow moving system working its way through the bay area, weakening as it does so early tonight and tomorrow. mid day begins to fall apart giving us at least partial clearing. breaks of sunshine at times tomorrow. mainly in the afternoon. low temperature tonight will be far milder than the
warmup. 45 in santa rosa, 52 in san francisco, so yeah, we are mild, you can see that cold air is going to move through today and tomorrow. we are expecting a slight shower for tomorrow but look what happens as we head towards monday and tuesday, a warming trend kicks in, that's where we're expecting to stick around all next week so for today a little bit cool, topping out to the mid to upper 50s. 57 in livermore and that's going to be as high as we get today and once we have the afternoon hours we're talking about temperatures falling so even though we're expecting mid-50s today by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, it will be breezy and a little chilly. >> we'll come in early. thank you very much, anthony. >>> a police officer continues to recover this morning after he was shot by a suspect in oakland. that officer was one of two responding to a two-car crash when they heard gunshots near the intersection of 49th avenue and east 12th street. this all happened right around 6:00 last night. police say the officers found a man with a gun and that man began to fire at them hitting one officer. the other o
from their homes in san francisco fire this week and are still struggling. >> the fire happened in the mission district and this is the rubble left from the fire. >> 40 people including four children or forced to evacuate the building at a meeting last night, several different agencies gathered in the mission to connect those impacted with the city's services, including our friend in temporary housing as well as close. >> the fire caused more than $815,000 in damage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> the national parks service wants to put into burning christmas trees on ocean beach. >> park rangers will be increasing their patrols and will cite anyone tried to burn a christmas tree on the beach. >> the fine for burning start at $125. >> the parks department was to remind san francis residence that the trichologrecp;pgj picks up old christmas trees on free on scheduled tri-statrash basedays >> we will be right back ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female an
is actually only 19- 20 minutes. erica. >> george will take it outside to downtown san francisco. high clouds in the distance. overall clear skies around the heart of the bay. we have fog forming in some of our east bay interior valleys. >> temperatures below the freezing mark sunshine into the afternoon mild weather with most of us to the low 60s. >> an increase in cloud cover tomorrow a possibility of wet weather. we will expect a cooling trend it will start to feel like a winter again. >> satellite and radar is monitoring the incoming rain. you will need your umbrella's i will walk you through the timing. coming up in my next report. >> we are following a developing story east bay oakland specifically. we're right now police and still searching for to men who they say shot an undercover police officer. it happened just after 6:00 last night on the 1700 block of seminary ave. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. so far they have managed to attain one person possibly connected to the shooting. the officer was shot suffered not life- threatening injuries. kron fo
of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco due to be arraigned this afternoon. dexter oliver was arrested on monday. investigators say he doused the woman with a flammable liquid before lighting her on fire outside a laundromat in san francisco last weekend. the victim, starr lamar, is still being treated for life- threatening injuries at a local burn center. >>> the mom of a missing bay area girl is still searching for closure after learning -- excuse me -- a bone fragment is not her daughter's. the bone was found in october in a san joaquin county well where several victims of the "speed freak" killers are buried. it turns out that bone belonged to a teenager, not michaela garecht. michaela was only 9 when she was kidnapped in hayward in 1988. >>> 6:08. the damage to the oil tanker cause to the bay bridge this week is more costly than first thought. this picture shows the underside of the support column on the bridge that was hit. another picture shows the scrape mark on the ship and if you look to the left of your screen, some of the wo
of the bridge on monday morning. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that investigators are trying to determine if radar-guiding equipment was working during the tanker's passage. a coast guard bull law tin says -- bulletin says there may have been a radar. cal trans says the system was functioning on monday. federal investigators want to know what its status was leading up to this collision. ?ai an east bay mother that has waited 2 tour years -- 24 years will have to wait longer. dna testing on bone fragments prove they are not the remains of makayla garrett, a little girl who vanished two days ago. they say it is a relief to makayla's mother. >> i found out the bone they thought might be makayla's is not makayla's. >> in her living room makayla garrett's mother felt a wave of relief when police broke the news to her on wednesday afternoon. >> all of these months they have spent conducting these tests i haven't run around saying hurry up, hurry up i want to know the answers. there is a large part of me that is not sure that i could deal with the answers if i were to find out that
47, a little controversy, a san francisco 49ers cornerback was forced to apologize for saying that gay players would not be welcomed in the locker room. san francisco players got to practice on the field at the new new orleans super dome to get ready for sunday's game. the baltimore ravens also got their chance to get in some practice time, too. jackie and jack harbaugh, the parents of the two super bowl coaches talked to reporters about their sons facing each other. >> we're so excited for john and jim to be in this situation. but we're also really excited for the players and their families. >> the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and on sunday night we're going to experience both of those, those great emotions. and our thoughts will be with the one that comes up a little short. >> the harbaughs say their sons coaching in the super bowl is part of a great journey their family is on. >>> on today's google front page today, you'll see the image of jackie robinson who broke the color barrier in major league baseball. today is the 40th anniversary of his death. the georg
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